Hayabusa Classic 12” Sphere Double End Bag

The perfect tool for developing core boxing skills.

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The perfect tool for developing core boxing skills. The Classic 12” Double End Bag features a traditional spherical shape that’s excellent for maintaining consistent rhythm while honing your technique. Pre-equipped shock cords offer rapid rebound elasticity made to sharpen your hand-eye coordination, punch speed, and timing. Its quick setup and take down make this one of the most practical and versatile tools for any training space.



  • The large 12” spherical shape is ideal for honing technique.
  • Perfect density rebound ball delivers excellent feedback with a satisfying pop on impact.
  • Heavy-duty braided nylon shock cord rebounds quickly for high-speed training.
  • Ultra tough exterior, and non-tear rubber bladder will absorb years of punishment.
  • Perfect size and shape rebound ball with striking targets for precision training.
  • Air pump and stowaway needle for quick assembly and efficient storage.

Технические характеристики

  • Package contents: classic double end bag, attached shock cords with carabiners, and an air pump with needle.
  • Bag dimensions: 12in height x 12in width (30.5cm x 30.5cm).
  • Bag Circumference: 37.7in (96cm).
  • Shock cord length: 27.5in (70cm).
  • Total length: 67in (170cm).
  • Exterior: PU leather, reinforced stitching, nylon-lined PU loops.
  • Interior: Rubber air bladder.
  • Best for: Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, Karate, Taekwondo.